Love’s not Magic and Luck; It’s Hard Work and Choice

So many people think:
“Love just happens to you
magically, in a blink.
There’s nothing you can do.”

That, my friend, is pure crap;
Don’t buy any of that.
It is this common trap
that will make love go splat.

Love is not a feeling;
Love is simply a choice;
You choose to stop reeling
and listen to a voice.

This voice is not your own,
but that of your loved one.
Selfishness you disown.
Pettiness? There is none.

Ev’ry day you work hard
to get it just right.
Yet it still falls apart
over a simple fight.

Ignore your selfish pride;
You do not have to win.
Push your demon aside,
the key is to give in.

Your purpose in life now?
Make your partner happy.
You must figure out how
without being too sappy.

It will not be easy,
not even a lil bit.
Though, let me be cheesy,
not a thing can beat it.

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