Archives for January 2001

Alas, Poor New Zealand

New Zealand, my friend, I bid thee farewell; I never did know you, but all is well. It seems that I had almost forgotten, a big promise that I had begotten. You see my true love and I will marry and my wanderlust, I shall soon bury. My life’s dream career shall soon become mine, […]

Today’s Thoughts

It’s time to start, something brand new, straight from my heart, direct to you. I want to say a couple of things: like how each day your warm heart brings countless blessings into my life; When I awake ev’ry morning, My heart does take a small mourning since I wish that we could cuddle; But […]

Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and kisses, kisses and hugs, my heart misses those gentle tugs. I worry not; For soon enough, I will be caught in my Love’s snuff. Her wond’rous smell shall fill the air; All will be well for she will share all of her joy and all her love; And once again, I’ll fly above […]