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The party took place for the new version; the air museum went through conversion. People were there so we could mingle; alcohol was there to make us tingle. The speakers were cool, the imagery too. With that new software, there’s so much to do. Miguel was funny and good times were had, but still I […]


You think I miss it; You honestly do. You will not admit You might miss it too. I tell you I don’t, I guess that’s not true. I can’t, so I won’t; I can prove it too. We love the Northwest. We love some peeps too. We don’t like the rest. We know CA will […]

Winter Blues

Somedays, your touch, I dearly miss. Somedays, I’d die for just one kiss. Sometimes, I think that you are here. Sometimes, I feel that you are near. Somehow, I make it through the day. Somehow, although you’re far away. Someone showed me that love is true. Someone, my love. Can you guess who?

Money & Greed

We watched a movie, which got me thinking, about two things that are always linking. Money is something that is good to have, but when does too much of it make us bad? After how much does the amount we need stop being healthy and start being greed? I hope that I will never cross […]

The snow

We woke up early, like we had to work. I felt so awful for being a jerk. Soon enough, we were on our merry way, for a morning of lots of snow and play. Your family was getting all prepared for the harsh weather that very few dared. Once on the mountain, when we reached […]

Caught up

With this last poem, I am now done; I’m now caught up with all my fun. I’m liking these “catch up” days, with mini-acts in mini-plays. With many parts, I get to write a meal-sized poem not just a bite. What I like best ’bout what I do is that I get to dream of […]

Catching Up

Times like today find me writing a few poems with minor rhyming. Not an epic to withstand time, a simple lil nursery rhyme. Either way it is still my heart stepping up to fulfill the part. For I love you and I write these to give your heart and soul a squeeze.


For some reason, I fall behind. I try to write, but can’t find time. It’s not like I don’t think ’bout it. The words fly in and they just sit. I have a set way of writing; Here at my desk, with me typing. When I’m away, it’s sometimes hard, to tap the source that […]

Four-Lorn Poems #4

Tuesday Enough with the time pattern in the poem, now let us discuss things closer to home. For us, time is rare as those three poems show. This litte fact must change as you well know. We need more time for us to be alone, with no place to go and our plans “unknown”. We […]

Four-Lorn Poems #3

Monday Late in the evening, (Yes, I skipped some hours, being the writer I have these powers). Ten in the evening, we recap our days: Talk about others and their oddball ways. Eleven that night, we start to discuss important issues that matter to us. Twelve o’clock midnight finds us in debate. We talk out […]