Archives for March 2001

The Big Picture

It’s all making sense, I now understand a bit more about programs I command. I am not sure how it all got up there; It doesn’t matter, I don’t really care. All that’s important is my mind can see, all the limitless possibility. Math, with its logic; Art, with its freedom; Understand them both and […]

It’s the Little Things, not the Little People

It is funny how, every single day, my warm love for you grows another way. You always find some new and special thing to make my heart and my soul want to sing. Even on the days when things go awry, I glimpse a small frown that makes my heart cry. You need not worry […]

Wedding Invite

As the season brings forth the warm colors of Autumn, so fall two separate lives and now one they shall become. Saturday, the twenty-second, in the month of September shall forever be our own precious day to remember. With blessings from our parents, and in front of God above, we take the vow of marriage […]

1 day, 2 people, 3rd street, 4ever

One day in the past, much to my surprise. Poof! There you appeared, right before my eyes. Two people, two lives, both separate then. Slowly but surely, words were then spoken. Third Street apartment, sitting on the floor, we chat for a bit then we chat some more. Forever, our lives were both changed that […]

Table for Two

Nothing is as bad nor gets me as pissed as when all my plans will somehow get dissed. By now you must know that I rarely plan; it’s not that I can’t, you know that I can. The reason I don’t is simple indeed; I shall tell you now, so I can be freed. Whenever […]


What is wrong with me? Why do I complain? Why do I not work, then act like a pain? I promise you now on this very day, that things will change in a positive way. No more excuses, no more putting off, the things I should do, the things that I scoff. I know this […]

Hidden Meanings

I have been thinking about my writing and how little time I spend outlining. I have decided the time is now near for my purposes to be far less clear. Up until today, nothing is hidden, there is no theme to be overridden. From this day onwards, people will wonder: Did he say that or […]

Disguised Discipline

I admit, sometimes, I do not write them on the day that I’m supposed to send them. I also confess at times I do dread that your daily poems would best be unread. More often than not, this is not the case, for I end up with a smile on my face. This daily love […]

And you?

Someone once asked, “And you? What will you be?” “A father,” I said “A good father.” “No, what we will you BE?” I was puzzled, “I don’t understand.” “What will you be in life?” I thought I understood, “I will help others, I will make things easier.” “No, no, no, listen to me, what will […]

Parents’ Know Best

Things are different, as we can both see, between our parents and both you and me. They are much older and therefore more wise; Their long marriages are not a disguise. They’ve raised their children as best as they can, helping each one see the big master plan. We shall soon marry for we know […]