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At first, there’s nothing and then it appears. If you’re not careful, it just disappears. A small idea that pops in your head. Sometimes you’re at work, sometimes you’re in bed. Where ever you are, you better take heed. This inner tug is powerful indeed. It has the power of true creation, limited by your […]

Falling Behind

Time rushes by us and we get behind; Free time is always difficult to find. Sometimes I wonder just what I would do; If for some reason, I had not met you. I don’t ponder this sad thought for too long; I pick up my head and move right along. I may fall behind in […]

My First Choice

I always have doubt about my talents. I have doubts about my soul’s outer vents. The funny thing is that I never choose. With all my passions, I feel I can’t lose. This is true only if I pick just one. Which I must do, but they’re all so fun. Writing is it though, this […]

My First Reaction

What does this note mean? What is it saying? Does it mean give up, times up, stop playing? I try to not care and just brush it off. I fight back my tears with a makeshift cough. Why should I care though, it’s just a letter. With some more practice, I will get better. It […]

My First Rejection

Dear Mr. Ortega, Many thanks for sending “Dragon Lore” my way, but I’m going to give this one a pass. I’m afraid this fantasy didn’t quite grab me, alas. Thanks anyway for giving me a look at it, and best luck to you with this one. Yours Truly, Gordon Van Gelder Editor/Publisher Fantasy and Science […]

My First Publisher’s Reply

My stomach’s dying, my dreams are flying. It’s one of three things that his package brings. Acceptance is one and would be so fun. My doubts would be killed, my desires filled. Or his rejection notification. If it is that news, I’ll be filled with blues. Last, my submission has an omission. I forgot something […]

Brain Drain

My head is throbbing, my fingers bobbing. I attempt to write but nothing sounds right. Silly stories slip off my mind’s thick dip. The thing that I lack may bring it all back. It seems that’s the case within this small space. Why is my rhyming now double timing? Perhaps that’s what’s wrong, why the […]

Orange Blossom 119

Mmmm, it was yummy, filling my tummy with a taste that bold, served up nice and cold. I had my first one and it was soon done. I had another and then another. We chatted all night and the world seemed right. We shared what we thought on all we have wrought. I kept you […]

The Invite

I don’t understand how I took a stand. I arrived alone and picked up the phone. It’s all a big blur why these things occur. I let their phone ring like it’s no big thing. What will I ask them? We’re at rock bottem. We need to fix things, work out a few dings. I […]


Commitment is not as hard as I thought. It’s actually fun when you love someone. The initial fear will soon disappear. Plus, being nervous is such disservice. Go ahead and jump, get over the hump; Go on take a ride to the other side. Soon, you too will see you are just like me: full […]