Archives for May 2001

Daily Dose

Within my small head, there exists a place, always expanding and taking more space. When I first started, there was little there: an old rhyme engine with a little wear. I flipped the ole switch and after a fit, it cranked out some rhymes. a nice lil tidbit. Now every morning, the engine cranks out […]

Company Roots

To take ideas from within the mind and to create things only we can find. To create a love between the masses and our creations in a few passes. To make the heart sing, to make the eyes cry, to help somebody understand the why. To do all these things and earn people’s trust, while […]

Funny Business

I am still amazed about how business seems to be made up of a big huge mess. Leaders that don’t know what they are doing. Star struck employees that stand there cooing. Business plans that show little common sense. Profits that equal up to a few cents. Millionaire owners show us everyday. You don’t need […]

The Phone Call

“Thomas Ortega” there must be many, so why does this guy have to pick on me? You’d think for revenge to be a success, it must be performed without any mess. You would take the time to find the right guy, so at the right time you’ll see eye to eye. This guy is content […]

Odd Feeling

I got an odd feeling and I do not know why. It sent my soul reeling and my blood pressure high. I was scared to go out, but thought it was just dumb, that you should go without cuz this feeling had come. We went to a party and I thought that perhaps, we might […]

Technology Concerns

What will things be like when we have children? Can our minds perceive what will exist then? What new devices will be invented? What new ideas will be prevented? What will our children bring home to show us? Just how willl our kids grow up to know us? With all these questions, there’s one thing […]

Far, Far Behind

Here I go again, falling way behind on my poetry, your fun daily kind. It’s not that I don’t want to write them down; I hope their absence does not make you frown. It’s just these past weeks have been so crazy; I have not had time even to be lazy! I will write them […]

Punk Rock Girls

I have always thought that it would be great: Find some punk rock girl that I could then date. Over all the years, since I was a boy, I’ve wanted a girl that would scream out, “Oi!” With a head of hair made of many shades, down to the Docs with hidden razor blades. Today […]

Four Months

Time is passing by, the date coming near, you’ll mutter two words that I long to hear. Four months from today, you shall say, “I do,” and you will hear me confess my love too. It’s hard to believe that we’ve come this far, especially since I don’t drive a car. Our love is stronger […]

Silly Sun

Fiery flames float forever; needed near nightime never; winter weather wanders windy; summer sends scorchers swiftly; Say something silly softly so I’ll imagine in Indio that these theoretical trips literally liken loose lips.