Archives for July 2001

Tuxedo Selection

Ev’rything was fine, we were almost done, before you showed up and ruined our fun. I’m only kidding, you did no such thing, a bride’s perspective is what you did bring. If it was just us, a whole bunch of guys, we’d pick at random some vests and some ties. I’m glad you were there […]

Oregon Drunk Motto

Last time I went there, I must not have seen, the sign that tells drunks to leave the crime scene. I know they hate us Californians, just cuz we are not Oregonians. At least we do not run into parked cars when going home from a night at the bars. And if we did that, […]

Tux Worries

You have some worries that what I might pick, will not match at all and make you feel sick. You need not worry for I have style (which I might not have shown in quite awhile). I won’t choose sky blue with big white ruffles, or some strange color like “Brown Truffles”. I’ll pick out […]


How do you start one? Is it on purpose? When you create it, does it feel pointless? Think of the feeling, making something new, something everyone will now start to do. Being the main force behind the concept and making sure all the new pieces will fit. Giving birth to a new secret nation, that […]

Fear Be Gone

Ev’ry single time I start to worry, I should rush to tell you in a hurry. I get so worked up about all the “if”s, fight back all the tears and hide all the sniffs. I do not know why because if I speak, you help me be strong when I’m feeling weak. Just know […]

Lotsa Cheese

No, I ain’t talking about my humor, for it’s full of cheese, without doubt, for sure. Nor do I refer to butt-rock ballads, rather yesterday’s side dinner salads. A mountain of cheese piled on so high; it starts at the bowl and reaches the sky. And as for the taste, was it good you ask? […]

A Well, A Cage or A Box

We will need to pick some storage device, to hold the money at a tiny price. It would be pointless to spend tons of cash, since the container is just for our bash. Nevertheless, Love, one needs to be picked, to catch the money as soon as it’s flicked. Which ever to me matters in […]

Video Games

I don’t play them much, but the times I do, I get so wrapped up cuz I think it’s true. I picture myself in these strange places, aware of what the character faces. I often wonder how real can this get? Which reality will players forget? It’s scary to think the day will soon come, […]


So many choices for me to pick from, each one guaranteed to be so yum-yum. “No Dagwood Sandwich” is what I am told. My meal intake is presently patrolled. I enjoy eating a number of things, the unique feeling that each new taste brings. According to you, I need to eat less, so I can […]


I like how we can discuss things at length. We both try to fight and use all our strength. We both can argue for only so long, before we give up and move right along. We later return to heated topics, and treat them more like long term, home projects. Something we work on ev’ry […]