Archives for August 2001

Our First Loan

Our very first loan for five thousand bucks a nice solution to our money crux. Now we can both rest without a worry, about where to find cash in a hurry. Our wedding fundage shall cover it all, with a small cushion in case there’s a fall. Everything is pretty much all done. Let’s now […]

One Month and Counting

One more month, my love, until the big day, when the phrase, “I do”, both of us shall say. One month from today, we’ll be joined as one, our newly forged love will not be undone. One month that will pass but not fast enough, this bit of waiting is pretty rough stuff! One month […]

I Looked Good

A wedding party ev’ryone knows should get dressed up pretty and looking damn good. The point of getting all fancy-shmancy is to stay that way and not get ansy. You can imagine my look of surprise when what should appear before my own eyes. Some of Chuck’s groomsmen were too quick to tire; At the […]

Best Man Speech

Sometimes I composed while in the shower; Other times I gave it no thought power. I did not know what I wanted to say, so I could not plan in any big way. I figured it would be best from the heart, so I’d have no time to rip it apart. With the mic in […]


Geometry like: points, planes, vertices. Simple objects that the computer sees. Completely frozen, without any life, until it meets with human imposed strife. We take ’em, twist ’em, bend ’em to our will. We do ev’rything except leave them still. We somehow manage to use fantasy, to touch the viewers all very deeply.


I went to Siggraph to see all the sights, all the pretty things made by tiny lights. I went there thinking I might want to do computer graphics for a year or two. Ev’rything looked fun, no one was a jerk, but I left knowing it’s also hard work. As fun as it was, it […]

Waiting Outside the Westin

There I was waiting for you in L.A. I missed you so much, you came, no delay. Sitting outside there under all that glass, I saw numerous famous people pass. Not famous rock stars, or people like that; No these were all nerds, some were even fat. They’re brilliant people with nothing to show, except […]

Wish you were here

I wish you were here to see everything. All the pretty things that’ll make your heart sing. I wish you could see all the potential; how new media makes the world special. I want to somehow make you understand, if you create things, uses are not planned. But most of all though, I just want […]

Monkey Business(es)

After many years and many a laugh, I finally met the gang and a Half. We’re part of the ole Soft Discussion List, where people have fun and others get pissed. We met Monday night for Monkey Madness, with two small stops to build our gladness. Our first stop dinner at Mon Kee’s Seafood, we […]

Breakfast @ the Pantry

I wanted to eat food at The Pantry, have myself a nice greasy breakfast spree. I thought that I would have to wait in line; it was expected and so would be fine. Lo and behold though, there was not any, the number of seats empty were many. I sat down and ordered, the food […]