Archives for October 2001

Halloween Night

There’s one night a year that thrives off of fear, a night when “scary” means to be merry. Little kids wander and parents flaunder as they walk the street screaming “Trick or treat.” All scary creatures with untold features appear from no where and are out to scare. To frighten no one would mean have […]

The Neighbors Came Back

I wrote on Sunday while you were sleeping; In some other world, my mind was creeping. It was an old place that I have ignored; I left it alone because I got bored. Lo and behold though, it made itself known. It whispered to me, “Come back to our zone.” And so I obliged, then […]

Health Clubs

I do not get it. I don’t understand why the health club biz is so in demand. You pay some strange place a ton of money and you do the work; Now ain’t that funny? You move all about get hot and sweaty; This is a “warm up” and then you’re ready. You “work out” […]


I am not trying to be matchmaker. I don’t line up peeps and say, “You take her.” It just so happens that now and again, people will ask and I will do it then. It’s just a pity that in this big world, not every heart can lay out unfurled. If I can help two […]

Saturday Fun

An exciting ride, filled with much laughter, and a tasty feast that came soon after. It was a fun time visiting your bro, going to his work then catching a show. Orange county is a pretty cool place; Your bro’s apartment a pretty cool space. We should visit more before he heads off, because Utah […]

Mystery Potatoes

Last night I whipped up some yummy taters; no recipe from unknown creators. I bought some red ones and I chopped them up, I looked at the herbs and I whispered, “Yup.” I grabbed a couple and I threw them in, hoping they’d help bring flavor from within. I put a cover on top of […]

New Age Salad

Take one cucumber, one avacado, one mound of cooked crab and then have a go. You can slice and dice to your heart’s content, but there’s one place where more time should be spent. You need to make it look very pretty, just be creative and very witty. I tried my hardest last night for […]

The Plot Thickens

I have a story that I have to tell my only hope is that I do it well. The story does not exist in full form, for its creation is off from my norm. It makes itself known slowly, bit by bit. It creates itself; I don’t create it. In the past two days, a […]

One Month Yesterday

Twas just yesterday, that we said, “I do.” Or so it seems when I look in review. In reality, thirty days have gone; A wonderful start for us to build on. Not one of those days passed without this thought: “In God’s list of gifts, I was not forgot.” For there’s nobody, on land or […]

You married that dork?

Looking at pictures from our wedding day, there’s just one thing that I have to say. I cannot believe you married that dork! He’s far more geeky than ole Mork from Ork. He can’t make a smile without look lame, and his dance style is about the same. You knew all this stuff and still […]