Archives for November 2001

Freeway Surprise

I woke up early, since I could not sleep, I had a date that I just had to keep. I wanted to drive to the train station, so I could practice night navigation. We left with plenty of drive time to spare, since I planned to take side streets to get there. Lo and behold […]

Daily Adoration

As each day passes, I find, more and more, that you are the one I madly adore. When you are not near, you are in my mind. With each lovely thought, it is you I find. You’re always present in my heart and head; I constantly wish we were back in bed. For there in […]

Driving on Earth?

Who would have thought that I would someday drive? Did you think I would while we were alive? I would have guessed that way up in heaven, God might say, “Drive to seven eleven.” I’m driving today with my lovely wife, and we’re not even in the afterlife. It is strange, I know, wonders never […]

Test Fright

It’s been seven years since I took a test, come Monday at two and I’ll do my best. The written exam for Driver’s Permit will be the exam that I shall submit. I’m a litte scared, nervous just a tad, but I’m sure it won’t end up being bad. I just have to trust my […]

Wacky Words

Something so silly, something so zany, after a day that was rather rainy. A lousy lot of alliteration partly partial to participation. My measely mind might confound confusion permeate purple fushia-like fusion. Hopefully honey this witty ditty may make many smiles migrate to thy mind.

DMV Appointment

“Hooray”, “Finally”, and “It will be fine”, these are in response to a date of mine. I suppose I knew that this day would come, when not driving cars would seem rather dumb. I always thought that I could get through life with the sole driver being my brave wife. I see, however, this is […]

Background Research

Writing a story can be a fun task, but there’s tons of things that one has to ask? Just where exactly will this story be? Just what exactly will the reader see? How will this new world differ from our own? Will it be made of water or of stone? A good storyline requires some […]

Crazy Kids

With all of the kids that my family’s had, it’s easy to see the good and the bad. Sometimes I get asked, “And what about you? Are there plans for kids in your future too?” At times, I believe that now would be fine, ev’ryone has theirs so where are all mine? Be then I […]

Quiet Friday Night

This past Friday night was just you and me, hanging out at home with no place to be. Sitting on the couch, watching videos, I laid against you and massaged your toes. It helped me to see why I love you so; why I’m happy that we have time to grow. There’s so many things […]

Home Sick

You may be the one that has stayed home ill, but I must admit I wish I was still. Those three days we had were oh so much fun, that fact you were ill almost mattered none. Three whole days alone almost to ourselves, with lots of trips to the medicine shelves. The nicest part […]