Archives for January 2002

Equity Buy-off

I need to convince good Barry Shepard, to make my payment be somehow deferred. I don’t think it’s hard for that man to see all the potential of my company. What I must do now is make him aware that he has a choice which he has to bear. He must take a chance, realize […]

Just a thought

It has been sometime since I have written a poem that restates how much I’m smitten. This wee reminder has one thing to do: to remind you just how much I love you. Take all the worlds love, squish it together; take a rope of dreams to be a tether; I look inside me and […]

Over Sleeping

I just don’t get it; I just do not see, how I overslept and so easily. I woke up early around 3:20, felt that the night’s rest was good and plenty. I went back to sleep “just for an hour” and thought I’d awake with lots more power. I heard the alarm, the radio chime, […]

Its been awhile

It has been some time since your last poem, so long in fact that I do not know when. The reason I stopped writing them to you was because we had so much stuff to do. Purchasing the house, left me in a daze and let’s not forget the holiday craze. Know full well, my […]