Archives for March 2002

Corporate Boredom

I’m going crazy in this corp’rate world and find job boredom has now been unfurled. It’s not a good sign when I become bored, it often causes you to say “Oh Lord!” I tend to bail out of these boring jobs, and find myself with the recruiting snobs. This time is diff’rent for I will […]

Screwy Plans

I try to plan things, I honestly do. I do not keep things purposely from you. It’s just that I’m bad about planning things and the confusion that not planning brings. There’s also this fact: spontaneous thought. Something within which I am often caught. I can only try, but know when I do, I’m bound […]

You are in my thoughts

Every day, I think of you, Every way, I know how to. Sometimes I will picture your face; Sometimes I still feel your embrace. In the morning, your sweet kisses, my heart mourning as it misses. Just after noon, I miss your smiles, knowing they prune all the world’s viles. And towards night, my heart […]