Archives for March 2003


It took a lot to help me see: I need to live my life for me. I must try hard to understand that moving on cannot be planned. It’s not a thing which can be bought, and I’m afraid cannot be fought. Moving forward, I must now see I need to live my life for […]


It takes two, that’s me and you, to open up communication. If you’re blue, then I am too, just pass along the information. It’s not right, but we do fight to release some pent up frustration. But at night, ev’rything’s right, much to both of our hearts’ elation. It’s so hard, when we bombard our […]

Camp Fireside

We have for ourselves a fireplace, to warm the body, feet, hands and face. We have it outside waiting to be set up all ablaze for all to see. We usually wait until it’s cold, or earlier if and when I’m told. We watch the flames dance and give off light, as we all party […]

Why you hate going to the bathroom at the Brewery

While at the local brewery, I engage in tomfoolery. I tend to meet the strangest folks, who share weird viewpoints and odd jokes. You wonder why I seek advice from peeps you wouldn’t look at twice. The truth is ev’ryone is smart, either in their brain or their heart. You simply need to step on […]

BBQ Fishicken

I threw some fish on the ole barbeque, and boy I wish that I knew what to do. I’ve seen my peeps slap sea life on the grill. As the fire creeps, they maintain focus still. I was eager, as far as I could tell; My skills…meager and not honed very well. What dish emerged […]

You are everything

Everyday within me life, I thank the Gods you’re my wee wife. Every night dreams come along; Soon I wake to our wedding song. Ev’ry morning I hit or miss when I sneak in the day’s first kiss. Ev’ry kind act or thing you do, reminds me of how I love you.