Archives for January 2004

There’s Something in the Attic

There’s something in the attic, but I’m not sure what it is. So, please, try not to panic ’til we find out what it is. It’s prob’ly small and furry, just like a baby kitty. and as I heard it scurry I felt a twinge of pity. It was racing to and fro, somewhere above […]

I’m a High Priest

Who could have prayed that I’d begin a search that would lead me to some day join the church? Who could have seen that I would get this far, that within six months they would raise the bar? Who could have guessed that in such a short time, the high priest honor would somehow be […]

Family Feast

“Feeds six or seven” is what the sign said. “You will need more food” is what my mind read. Yes, there was only four of us to feed, but I decided we would not take heed. It would have been sad if someone had less, because we believed the restaurant’s press. Therefore, I decreed to […]


Retaining focus is quite hard to do, especially when you don’t know how to. With concentration, you can stay on track, but get lazy once, you might not come back. Humans tend to jump around mentally, allowing our thoughts to run around free. The attention span of the average brain is short enough to drive […]

Baby Preparation

We’re prepping our home slowly but surely, as we eagerly await our baby. It’s an odd feeling preparing a home, akin to writing our very own tome. We get to decide what stays and what goes, as for our reasons, well, nobody knows. Some are logical and others are not; Some I remember and some […]

Miss Writing

She isn’t noisy, loud or obnoxious. She’s very quiet in your subconscious. She will come on by when you make the time to tell a story or make up a rhyme. She doesn’t stay long so you must act fast, before you know it she has long since past.

I Miss Writing

It has been so long, since I wrote fiction. It’s hard to believe it’s my addiction. Nothing can compare to writing stories, no other past times possess less worries. Someday soon I hope I can write for life, have the perfect job and the perfect wife.

Not Enough Time

There’s never enough time to make a perfect rhyme. There’s too much hustle, not too mention bustle. We need to slow down so that we don’t drown from all worldly cares and from people’s stares. We run to and fro, always on the go, never taking time to perfect our rhyme.

I Forgot My Ring

I don’t know how it happened, but it’s happened once again. I took it off to dry then I forgot my ring again. I’m sad when I forget it and feel like a big dummy and cannot wait to get it to ease my worried tummy. I feel naked without it because it’s a part […]

Cheaper by the Dozen

Maybe twelve is too much, ten would suit us better. I’ll promise you as such in a signed, sealed letter. We would be so happy with ten kids of our own. It would not be crappy nor like the Twilight Zone. We would be filled with joy as a big family. One little girl or […]