Archives for February 2004

Gettin’ Healthy

Who would have figured that fatty ol’ me would make the big leap to get all healthy? Greater miracles have occurred, I know, but none as shocking as far as they go. I’m a self professed huge lover of fat! And being healthy won’t ever change that. But with kids coming, I needed to change, […]

There’s a Baby Coming

There’s a baby coming, it will soon be here. When it fin’ly arrives there will be much cheer. The new daddy to be must get off his butt, put projects in motion, get out of his rut. Cuz working for the man is not so ideal, since the man can say, “Bye, we’re done with […]

Yummy Tacos

For second breakfast, on this fine Thursday, I had some tacos we ate yesterday. I had some chicken, but none of the beef, and only had one, my diet belief. Although soon enough, I’ll eat me some more. Such a yummy taste, they must have in store. Oh yes, rest assured, lunch will soon be […]