Archives for July 2004

Frustrated with Myself

I don’t know how to handle frustration; I decided this, post contemplation. Whenever I find myself getting mad, I keep it pent up and try to be glad. Inevitably, the sour mood comes out; I then get cranky and at times I’ll shout. So I am sorry if I hurt your heart, but know my […]

Sealed for Eternity

It’s finally done, the circle complete. We have accomplished an important feat. Over one year’s time, our spirits have grown and prepared for our new eternal throne. Into the temple, we both were allowed. With our two escorts, we soon were endowed. The following day, our marriage was sealed, then with lil T.J. our family […]

Getting the Job Done

Procrastination has come to an end. Or at least lately that has been the trend. I come home from work and hang for a bit, I play with T.J. and expand his wit. After our playtime I move to the back, to make up the time for all of my slack. Soon enough, my love, […]

Mommy skills

I make the money to pay all the bills, but that’s cuz you have the bomb mommy skills. My job may pay me a lot of hard cash, but it could vanish- poof!  All in a flash. Your job, however, of raising our son, will not disappear nor ever be done. The reason I work, […]


I can’t believe the simple fact that you think fireworks are whacked. Fireworks are so amazing, launched from earth and sent ablazing. You can see them explode and bloom and afterwards you hear their boom. They’re like magical falling stars with many multicolored bars. What more can I say?  They’re just neat. A life’s joy […]

Being a Leader

Being a leader is quite hard to do. Being a feeder of what things to do. A leader must guide the rest of the team, to help them decide on what is their dream. I learned the hard way that once in the role you are forced to stay and maintain control. You cannot possess […]

The Beast

So last night, I tried my new lawnmower. Both my eardrums cried due to engine roar. The beast is quite wild; it’s appetite big. The engine was riled, just like a big rig. The engine pulled me both forwards and back. It was subversively trying to attack. Many hours passed, before I was done. Twas […]

Missed my Boy

Yesterday, I ran around town, picking up speed, slowing it down. Saw Spidey 2 with god ole James; Man, that boy truly is deranged. Next up, I picked up Brother Weeks to hang with Cottage  Meeting Peeps. We all took the first discussion in English, not in Russian. Lots of things happened yesterday, many of which […]