Archives for November 2004

I Miss You Both

I had four days off with you and our boy. Those four days of life did bring me great joy. It put perspective on my little life, helped me grow closer to my lovely wife. Our baby, TJ, is a dream come true, the best thing ever for both me and you. I just hope […]

Dogs Found

Hurrah and hooray, it’s a joyous day! Let’s all run around, the dogs have been found. Just like my poem said, they found a new bed with a teenage kid. Thankfully, they did. Everyone was sad, but now they’re all glad. Our posters, though cute, turned out to be moot. The teenager’s work was not […]

Missing Dogs

The dogs are missing. You know where they are? With Chloe so old, they can’t be too far. Perhaps they went out for a little walk, a lil adventure to see and to gawk. Perhaps some one nice took them in last night, to keep them warm and to settle their fright. All I know […]

I Bet No Such Thing

I rubbed your feet, because I’m sweet. It’s not because a bet that was supposedly made by lil me. Just take the rub and do not snub my lil denial. I’m not on trial. Just don’t forget I lost no bet!

Turkey Day

This is TJ’s first e’er Thanksgiving Day. From now on he’ll thirst for this holiday. What’s there not to love about lots of food? Give thanks to above for all that is good. I can’t wait to eat turkey and gravy, plus a pumpkin treat with whipped cream wavy. Soon ’nuff, it’ll be time to […]

Care to share a few too?

At times, my impatience is hard to bare. To you, it may seem that I do not care. But this I tell you, that’s simply not true. Frustration may fly from o’er here to there, and the fault, more often than not, I share. Despite what I do, I always love you. There are days […]


Our house fin’ly sold. It feels like it did. We chose an offer, accepted a bid. Hopefully, the deal will close rather quick and the buyer won’t, too badly, nitpick. The burden will be lifted off of us. There will be no house, no more mess or fuss. After it is done, we can start […]

Mandalay Bay’s Pools

Now granted, I have no real expertise but please allow me to present my piece. The Mandalay Bay has quite the set-up, 17 acres chock full of get-up. The Wave Pool, while quite impressive in size, is to infrequent in this swimmer’s eyes. The normal pools are 3 to 4 feet deep, boring enough to […]

TJ’s First Trip, Part 3

Sunday morning came and it was a shame that the trip’s end was so near. We would leave at ten even though that’s when there was still meetings to hear. The rules we did bend and did not attend the company sponsored meal. We all found our way down to the buffet, a 22 dollar […]

TJ’s First Trip, Part 2

Saturday started when sleep departed at around 5 in the morning. I sometimes forget the alarm clock’s set until Sleep begins mourning. The day plan for me was not so pretty with a whole bunch of meetings. But it was so nice because we broke twice for you to join our feedings. With plans amended, […]