TJ’s First Trip, Part 2

Saturday started
when sleep departed
at around 5 in the morning.
I sometimes forget
the alarm clock’s set
until Sleep begins mourning.

The day plan for me
was not so pretty
with a whole bunch of meetings.
But it was so nice
because we broke twice
for you to join our feedings.

With plans amended,
the meetings ended
and I was off to the pool.
You, Teege and Noel
were all doing well
with Cold Stone to keep you cool.

TJ loved the treat
which was far more sweet
than all things he had tasted.
I broke all the rules
and tried all three pools,
which left me tired and wasted.

But more than the pool
what was really cool
was Teege and I shared a bath.
We had lots of fun
before it was done
and there was no baby wrath.

Soon it was dinner,
they picked a winner
by choosing The Border Grill.
The drinks were flowing,
the meal kept going
until we all had our fill.

Full tummies in tow,
we went to the show,
the famous Mamma Mia.
It cost no money
and parts were funny;
it topped off a nice “dia”.

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