TJ’s First Trip, Part 3

Sunday morning came
and it was a shame
that the trip’s end was so near.
We would leave at ten
even though that’s when
there was still meetings to hear.

The rules we did bend
and did not attend
the company sponsored meal.
We all found our way
down to the buffet,
a 22 dollar steal.

We packed up our bags,
gathered my wet rags,
and used the express check-out.
We all did hustle
to catch our shuttle
and soon we were heading out.

While at the airport,
Teege was a good sport
and didn’t cry much at all.
We boarded the plane
and TJ did gain
numerous friends, short and tall.

The trip was good fun,
but we’re glad it’s done
and happy to be back home.
It will be a bit
before TJ’s fit
to head out again to roam.

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