Archives for December 2004

New Year’s Eve

What can I say but New Year’s came and went, asleep on the couch is how mine was spent. New Year’s Eve is big but not why you think. You see, on this day was my mom’s first blink. On this day, back in 1952, while people partied, my mom was born too. While the […]

CPK Dessert

IĀ arrived at home from din’ Wednesday night. Although I just ate, it was a young night. We brought CPK and some P.F. Changs. There was enough food to feed two small gangs. One gang was Jena, Ryan and yourself. The other gang was me, all by myself. I had some salad, my tummy filed it. […]

P.F. Changs

I got there early and the place was clear. There was not a wait, which was my big fear. Still though, it took time for them to seat me. I waited a bit for the Egg fam’ly. They took a wrong turn, and had to get back. I wasn’t with them, so I cut ’em […]

Quick to Act, Slow to Change

Some say Howard Hughes was oft quite deranged. He was quick to act, his mind rarely changed. Making decisions can often be tough. You’ll always wonder did I think enough? The point is be quick, but once you decide make sure you’re in it for the long hard ride. That is the best way to […]

Idiot Coworkers

I try to be nice to my coworkers. I stay quite calm and don’t go berserkers. But there are limits to what I can take, I can’t stand “id’jit” peeps for goodness sake. Work seems to hire them ev’ry now and then. I wish they’d warn us so we’d all know when. I do not […]

iDVD. Do you?

With your new snazzy camera, the Christmas pictures were flying. We soon amassed hundreds of them without either of us trying. The wrapped-up gifts were numerous, ev’ry person had quite a bunch. Opening them took from morning until far beyond my pal Lunch. The day after, I had a thought: Why not make a Christmas […]

TJ’s First Christmas

Well, the big day has come and passed, but the mem’ries will always last. He won’t remember it at all, his mental storage is quite small. As he grows older, we will help by showing pictures and saying, “Welp, you see there…that was your first gift you opened it slow, not too swift. Now look […]

Santa Cookies, Round 2

Santa Cookies 2! Yes, my friends, it’s true. My sweet wife felt bad that some were left sad cuz they ate just one before they were done. She gathered the team and pushed on, full steam, late into the night to make it all right. If you’re at 5 Park, come out of the dark. […]

Santa Cookies

What else can I say that hasn’t been said about the cookies that are topped in red? People love Santa in any ole form. Although, eating him is against the norm. People don’t mind though. They gobble him down. They eat with a smile, and not with a frown. It’s scary to see friends use […]

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club was a big hit! I was shocked, I must admit. People here can be picky; They like things sweet and sticky. Your mom’s little breakfast quiche made the people exclaim, “Sheesh! This is the best breakfast yet. ‘Tis not one I shall forget.” There you have it, straight up facts! It is tearing […]