Archives for March 2005

For the Artists

You know what we need? Better Artists’ rights. If they should succeed, due to late, long nights then they should get paid for all their hard work. Not have it delayed by some other jerk. I guess that my heart is louder at times than the logic part of my brainy chimes. Add that to […]

I miss the Food/Mood

It’s sad that I must no longer serve food. It’s shameful the bust that ruined the mood. I enjoyed sharing, oh so very much. It was fun caring, conversing and such. I miss the faces that would stop on by, from diff’rent places to simply say hi. Life’s not always grand, sometimes it’s crappy. I’ll […]

Sorry about your Feet

Sorry ’bout your feet, I was not being cruel. I knew they were beat and had to refuel. Usually a rub charges them for you; Soaking in the tub tends to help them too. I wish that I could’ve stayed awake last night to rub like I should’ve and make them feel right. Unfortunately, that […]

Deacon Dunking

Hello there, my love. Today’s a good day. The deacons and I do service today. We’ll all caravan to Redlands Temple. Our plans are holy and rather simple. There’ll be baptisms for those who are dead, then confirmations from hands on each head. Afterwards, we’ll stop and get some fast food, to help end the […]


I know that lately I have been slacking. There is no excuse to provide backing. I just get caught up with so many things, that I don’t write ’bout the joy your love brings. The joy’s in my heart but locked deep inside, without any words to bring it outside. Know that I love you […]

An Old Poem

At the start, there was none. There was no me, there was no you. Soon enough, there was one. First off was me and then came you. For awhile, there was two and we knew not of each other. But soon enough ol’ Love came through, we discovered one another. Pretty soon, there’ll be three: […]

Sometimes Sad is not so Bad

Your sister has moved to another state. The move was approved as needed by fate. It’s better that she leaves us for a bit to reflect deeply on where she does fit. Does she want to live her life like she did? Despite what we give, that choice is morbid. But maybe she wants to […]