Archives for September 2005

Traditional Donuts

Dear Krispy Kreme, while we mourn thee, our appetites continue the journey. Just because the Bristol store has shut down, This in no way means you have lost your crown. But, alas, the baton needs to be passed to the one who has the power to last. It is for this reason that on this […]

Running Late

This morning I was running late. It’s something that I truly hate. It’s noboby fault by my own that I reached the Oversleep Zone. I truly did set my alarm, not turning it on caused the harm. Oh well, it is a lessoned learned and the 2-hour drive truly burned. I’ll just have to be […]

Today I Remembered

It has been a while, but what can I say. You’ve been in my heart ev’ry single day. It’s just that sometimes I forget to write to my precious love in the morn’ or night. But, today’s diff’rent because I did write and my love for you can shine ever bright.