Traditional Donuts

Dear Krispy Kreme, while we mourn thee,
our appetites continue the journey.
Just because the Bristol store has shut down,
This in no way means you have lost your crown.
But, alas, the baton needs to be passed
to the one who has the power to last.
It is for this reason that on this day,
traditional donuts are here to say:
“We have withstood the test of time by men,
we stand as tall now as we did back then.
We told the world, Krispy Kremes are a fad,
they are too expensive and they taste bad.
And you see, one of their stores has fallen,
while we, traditionals, keep on haulin’.”
While your tasty glazed indeed was a hit,
they were overly sweet just by a bit.
It is now time to get back to basics,
like chocolate bars, powder sugar, glazed twists,
old fashioned, buttermilk and devil’s food,
regardless of which we pick, they’ll be good.
So, until next we see the “Hot Fresh Now”,
we bid thee adieu so we can eat now.

About Thomas Ortega II

Editor-In-Chief of Fiction Mag

A creative sucker stuck in a corporate world. Someday creativity will pay the bills...someday.