Archives for October 2005

Secret Message

I had quite a strong desire, a hunger that was darn near fire, making me want something yummy, good and tasty for my tummy. Of course, that I can’t ignore, in fact, I think I do deplore not having any breakfast treats going on for our morning eats. Therefore, I got Bruegger’s Bagels; Only thirteen […]

Continental Breakfast

I’ve never understood why it’s “continental”, because where is there food served so incremental? Aren’t we the “continent” that people talk about? We surely aren’t content when that’s all they put out. No, we Americans prefer a lot of fat and just like pelicans, we scoop up all of that. Come join us for breakfast, […]

Your Sister’s Wedding

Wow…what a weekend it has been for us, so much excitement and way too much fuss. It’s fin’lly over the day has now passed, now it’s up to them to make it all last. While it was crazy, it was also fun, seeing two people fin’lly become one. Plus, not to mention, there was lots […]