Archives for December 2006

7 Precious Things

Just what exactly is the seven for? And why the seven not less, not more? Could it be for the seven times a day, when my thoughts and heart find themselves your way? Could it be for the seven days a week, when I awaken and kiss your soft cheek? Or could it stand for […]

71 Degrees Is Cold When You’re Alone

71 can, and probably should, make me feel all warm and I wish it would. However, my love, since you’ve gone away, I’m afraid it won’t warm me up today. Instead, it’s quite cold on my lonely skin down to my sad heart that lies deep within. Lonely skin because you’re not here to touch […]

It’s Been Too Long

It’s been too long since I’ve last written you. Although ev’ryday, this fact makes me blue. I honestly do think all of the time, “I should find a place to pen her a rhyme.” Then something else will pop into my mind and your daily poem will get left behind. Taking its place on some […]