Archives for November 2007


For the past few days, thanks have been given and hundreds of miles have now been driven. Much family was seen and good times were shared, even some wild sides were carelessly bared. All in all, t’was fun, to see family, many those of whom, I miss so dearly. But it will be nice, to […]

Turkey Day with Two Little Turkeys

Today’s Turkey Day, a fine day to eat. Gimme mashed ‘taters and a chunk of meat. Our two lil turkeys are not quite aware, of what’s going on, nor do they e’en care. They are quite content hanging with family. Having fun with peeps they seldomly see. I have to admit I miss the fam […]

Ev’ry Single Day

I love you so much. What more could I say? My love grows stronger, each and ev’ry day. Though it may not show, ev’ry single day; I try to prove it in my own small way. A look or soft kiss, softly thrown your way, are louder than words I forget to say. So should […]