Archives for January 2009

A short poem

Time is very short and I am way tired. My muse is somewhere acting retired. Excuse my briefness. I’ll have to write more, when staying awake is not a huge chore.

Last Work Day at Workday

Yesterday it was my last day at work. I no longer have the free soda perk. Bid a nice farewell to every friend and bye to Jiras, which don’t seem to end. It was sad to leave yet exciting too as I cannot wait For my new life too. Being with the fam 24/7 for […]

Loading up

Today’s the big day, loaded up the truck. No up the driveway, the poor thing got stuck. Four elders appeared to help us all out, while our little boys played and ran about. The truck is half full and there’s not much more. Just a few things left scattered on the floor. Tomorrow we’ll finish […]

Headaches Suck

“I don’t get headaches” is what I once said, but that must have jinxed my poor little head. For now I get ’em and they hurt real bad. They hurt me so much, I tend to get mad. I get frustrated ‘cuz out of the blue, the pain will erupt and shove its way through. […]

My Browser Killed My Poem

I had a poem all written for you, then my browser crashed before it went through. T’was a good one too; all about my day, talked about how things seemed to go my way. But my luck ran out or so it would seem. Now the poem’s gone, nothing but a dream. There is no […]

Your and TJ’s Day

You and Boogey Boo ran all around town, no me or Eli to slow you two down. I’m sure it was fun being just you two, especially since TJ adores you. I know you’ve been stressed because of the move. It put a wrench in your life’s inner groove. It will soon be done and […]


Babies are precious, in so many ways. How they look at you with their pow’rful gaze. I love that they are constantly yearning, for new ideas and ways for learning. Their minds are sponges, soaking up the goods, through out their countless little childhoods. It is our duty to help them all grow, by teaching […]

Saying Goodbyes

Today was quite sad, with many goodbyes. It’s hard when you must let loose some good ties. There’s ways to avoid these situations: Keep to yourself and build no relations. But then what would be the point of your life? Sure you’d sail along, content with no strife. However, you would also miss the highs, […]

Garage Sale

For the past two days, whether rain or shine, the big garage sale at most of your time. I must commend you for a job well done. You worked very hard and it was not fun. I did not do much, though I wish I had. That made you upset and made me feel bad. […]

Good Friends

It amazes me how good friends can be. They offer so much but don’t want too much. They’re truly a gift, when you need a lift. Because when you’re blue, they always come true. Most importantly, their friendship comes free. All you need to do is be a friend too.