Archives for February 2009

The Night Before an Event

360|iDev begins tomorrow. Excitement jitters are starting to flow. It’s time to meet our newest and latest friends, to begin something we hope has no ends. Thankfully, not all will be new, as some old Flex friends are coming here too. I just can’t wait to serve up our new friends thoughts and ideas on […]

Busy Day for 360|iDev

Friday was crazy busy for our show, so much stuff to do and places to go. For the day’s first half, I was on my own: either in the car or stuck on the phone. The second half was a whole lot more fun as I no longer was the only one. We got a […]

Dinner with Daniel and Christy

I met up with our friends of old: The Brunks. Who, strangely, have been photographed in trunks. Ask Christy about her zany project in photography on a weird subject. We had mezzican at Super Taco, which is not helping me become “flaco”. But alas, t’was fun to see them again, even though the night seemed […]

Dinner with Cousin Kristen and Izzy

Dinner tonight was with Kristen Mello and daughter Izzy, who was quite mellow. It was a good time filled with much laughter, but we missed poor Anne as we came after. Connecting with friends can warm up your heart versus bad landlords, who are worlds apart. It’s nice to know that good people exist and […]

House Drama

It seems that we have not had a good start on the whole finding “a place to live” part. I was hoping that we could last a year, but looks like instead we got our worst fear. Something is wrong with where we are living; Fate, for some reason, is not too giving. The worst […]

Riding on the Metro-oh-oh(link)

It’s been countless years since I’ve rode these trains, ditching traffic of the 91 lanes. I’m on the last train before this run ends, so sadly there’s none of my old train friends. I’m sure there is one hiding out on board, reading a book or just plain being board. I emailed my friends. I […]

I Want Only You

There’s no other girl I’ve met in my life, that I would want more to have as my wife. I chose you because you’re the one for me, because in my eyes you’re always sexy. We make sweet lovin’ because I love you. There’s no other girl I want beside you. I hope that I […]

Magical Sweet Lovin

The other night a wondrous thing transpired. It was late at night, but soon I was wired. You called my cell phone, “I’m waiting for you.” I was up working and you were up too. Makin’ sweet loving is not hard to do, but finding the time can be hard to do. You made the […]

TJ our Caring and Sharing Boy

It amazes me that Teej loves to share, to see his lil mind learning how to care. He has a big heart and loves ev’ry one, which explains why his sharing’s never done. I hope that Eli learns from his brother and that their love grows for one another.

Our Sweet Boys

Our two little boys are growing up fast. Helping them do it is truly a blast. I love to see them play nicely and share or hug each other to show how they care. It’s amazing how our daily actions influences all their interactions. We must insure that we’re good role models to nicely fill […]