Archives for April 2009

Getting Sick

It’s about that time I get sick again, to join the ranks of coughing, sneezing men. My head gets stuffed with sinus congestion; Snot empowered with regeneration. I hope they hurry and rush to the cure, so my sinuses can always stay pure. But until that time, I’ll deal with the med to help relieve […]


Today I felt like going out to lunch, just the four of us: the Ortega bunch. Kim Smith emailed me a list of places that we should go to and stuff our faces. You and I picked one then loaded the boys. Soon we were driving in a car of noise. We got to the […]

Personal Trainer

You hired a trainer at the gym today. Something I think that will go a long way. My initial shock seemed to be money, but your health’s worth more to me than money. Instead, I just fear that when you “plateau”, your frustrations will infinitely grow. Achieving your goal means you cannot quit, especially when […]

Watching Four Kids

Watching o’er four kids, really ain’t a chore. I bet I eas’ly could handle some more. When there’s more of “them” then there’re of “you”, it helps them to learn the things they should do. Sharing’s easier with no moms around; No one gets upset or falls to the ground. Bumps and scrapes seem to […]

Kids Need Love

Primary callings, for some seem cheesy. “Teaching little kids? Come on, that’s easy.” But I think the skill, the Lord up above wants us to use most is the simplest: love. So many children seek out attention when all they really want is affection. A “troublesome” child doesn’t need harsh tone, but rather wants to […]

Colossal Cavern

We took a trip to Colossal Cavern, a real life cave not some bad tavern. The boys just loved it, as they do these things. They love the newness that exploring brings. New sights and new sounds stimulate them so. There’s so much to ask, there’s so much to know. Who knew that a whole […]

My love of Chick-fil-a is over

While I still think that the restaurants are nice, my love of their food has been put on ice. The love was short lived; t’was barely a week, but after today the future looks bleak. My stomach does not seem to like the food. For after eating, it gets a foul mood. I’ll try it […]

Silverado Rodeo

The Silverado is a power wheel, but, to lil Eli, it is far more real. When he drives around, he’s like a cowboy: buckin’ a wild horse, not riding a toy. It seems to leap up, wobble, shake and buck, that Silverado to him is no truck. I wish I was small ‘nough to fit […]

Brothers When It Counts

It’s funny to me how are boys can be so cruel and mean to each other. Yet at other times an inner voice chimes, “You’re supposed to love your brother.” When we hit the park, a bit before dark, I see how deep their love does go. Out running around where strange kids abound their […]

Park Time

I’m trying to start some new traditions; Not repeats of old, but new editions. One that I’m trying is to have Park Time, so the boys can run through the dirt and grime. It’s actually more so they can both run, ride their “fastest” bikes and to just have fun. But in the meantime, I […]