Archives for May 2009

Watching the Stars

I looked up today and I saw the stars, sitting there above all the homes and cars. I saw satellites way deep in the sky and followed airplanes as they zoomed on by. One of these days, I’ll get a telescope. The boys will love it or so I can hope. One look at the […]

The Movie “Up”

It has been some time since I’ve cried this hard at a tale that’s spun from a gifted bard. Movies are to me an amazing thing, for complex feelings they manage to bring. In a few minutes, my heart and soul jumped. Sobs crept up my throat and then became lumped. Tears then overwhelmed my […]

Out to Lunch

One thing that I love ’bout working from home: the ability for us to go roam. As a family, we can go to lunch. I love hanging out with our family bunch. I think that the boys also love that time so they can play and get covered in grime. It’s just one more thing […]

Learning to Share

One of the toughest things to teach lil kids is the need to share among other kids. I’m not quite sure if we’re all born selfish. If so, then curing that would be my wish. Til then, I’ll teach them to share all I can. In hopes that it sticks and they understand. Today at […]

We found TJs water bottle

We thought it was lost and gone forever. To see it again, we all thought, never. Yet something told me it was just misplaced and did not have to, at all, be replaced. I merely did not know where t’was hidden. My best guesses had been overridden. But TJ recalled where he left it last, […]

Tough Times at the Gym

The gym has been tough since my last conf show, despite the fact that I managed to go. Granted there was still just about a week, where my resolve failed and desire was weak. But still, coming back should not be this hard. That week should not have turned muscle to lard. Yet no denying, […]

I lost my glasses

I’m not quite sure how but it is quite true. I’ve lost my glasses and now I’m quite blue. I have some backups that work just as well, but my newer pair looked pretty darn swell. The handles were straight and possessed no curve, straight over the ears and never a swerve. I hope they […]

BBQ Kabobs and Corn

You made some kabobs for dinner today. I cooked them and corn in much the same way. On the BBQ over open flame, I cooked on low though so the fire’d be tame. Surprising to all the food was delish and it instantly became a fave dish. We’ll have to cook more kabobs yet again, […]

TJ Bonks his Head

TJ bonked his head yet again today. I hope this habit does not plan to stay. He runs much too fast for his feet at times. When he does his chance of falling down climbs. He lands on his head more often than not, which then leaves a bump, like today’s big knot. Let’s just […]

Cortina Park

I’ve seen a small park for quite sometime now. I can’t recall when or even quite how. It is tucked away behind some tall walls. Yet the fun factor of it somehow calls. Finally, the boys and I made a trip out to the park that the boys think is hip. They had a ball […]