Archives for June 2009

Oreos and Milk

I have a weakness, well, perhaps a few. Oreos is what I’m referring to. I don’t really like to eat the sweet things, but I love the taste that each cookie brings. Especially when you dunk them in milk, they get soggy then they’re as smooth as silk. I literally ate a third of the […]

My Toe is Still Messed UP

Doc worked on my toe yet again today. It’s not fully healed much to my dismay. It’s another round of meds for the wart. In two weeks, I hope there’s more to report. Until then, I must sit and be patient, with knowledge that good health is imminent. I wish it were fixed cuz I’m […]

Home on the Range

A home on the range once would have been odd, but strangely these days it’d garner a nod. I don’t think I could till the land myself. I’d rather have books than tools on my shelf. But there’s something nice about having land and animals there to help make a stand. One should be able […]

I’m All Caught Up

I’m now all caught up on poems for my wife. I got distracted by dumb things in life. I had the topics written down online, but needed to write the poem line by line. Mentally, a few were fully composed. Others I rewrote because they were hosed. All in all feels good to have peace […]

Taking a Nap

Today was the first day in a long time where I succumbed to the sandman’s sleep chime. I do not know why, but I had no choice. I had to give in to Sleep’s siren voice. It must be the heat, for the weather’s hot. Plus, there’s now never a time that it’s not. I […]

The Circus

It’s now official: We love the circus. Well, I’m sure that’s news you could prob’ly guess. Me and our two boys have a grand ole time watching animals and the clowns that mime. There are elephants and even tigers, plus human canons and high wire riders. There’s so many things to love ’bout the show. […]

Back to the Gym

I took a week off from hitting the gym on doctor’s orders and not some lame whim. He’s fixing my toe, at least, trying to. He advised against putting on a shoe. Well a week went by and I said “Enough. I can go back now since my toe feels tough.” I was expecting a […]

Someone Knows My Show

I got a small glimpse of being a star, i.e. random folks knowing who you are. Only in my case, they did not know me, but rather the show and my company. I was at the park, just me and the boys when a couple came with their two lil boys. We started chatting. they […]

Buying Circus Tickets

We all pile in the blue Madsen van, then head to downtown as fast as we can. We are off to get tickets for the show. The circus’s in town, as I’m sure you know. Afterwards, we’ll eat someplace quite yummy, where Eli will say, “I have full tummy.” Then we’ll come back home and […]

Riding Trouble

I’ve ridden before down in Mexico, but that does not count for some reason, you know. It’s because the horse knew just what to do. She did not care if it was me or you. One hope that I had for the ranch, of course, was that I’d finally get to ride a horse. I […]