Archives for February 2013

My Love Cookies

I know you love me because you listen, even when I give a ted’ous mission. I don’t like most sweets, like candies and such, but I love cookies oh so very much. I prefer ’em hot, straight from the oven, when their outsides are perfectly golden. After this long day, the smile on my face […]

The Things I Do for Love

When I was younger and wanted to say, “I love you”. It was a grand old display. Material gifts were often the norm, futile attempts to prevent the forlorn. After our marriage, things started to change. The things you wanted would seem oh so strange. Instead of candy, jewels or flowers, you’d want me to […]

More than a Year

More than a year’s passed, since my last rhyme; More than a year’s passed!? That’s quite a long time. So much has gone on, much life has passed by. Happiness does that; It makes the time fly. We toil away out in the desert: Home to the heat and surrounded by dirt. But amongst all […]