Not “Goodbye”, But “See You Later” Instead

No piercing screams e’er to be heard,
there’ll be no first step nor first word.
No sweet memories will we make;
There’ll be no first date and no heartbreak.

We did not fight over a name,
but our love was there, still the same.
What was once, recent happy news,
now is the cause of hidden blues.

We know deep down that it was fate;
No one to blame, no one to hate.
God loved our little one so much,
to bypass imperfection’s touch.

Someday, we’ll meet this little one
when both our earthly lives are done.
Then, we’ll make up for all we miss:
every missing hug and kiss.

We’ll find my grandma with a smile,
“I’ve loved this child all the while.”
She’s watching them, up in heaven,
all our family’s lost children.

Until that fateful day arrives,
we’ll carry on with our own lives,
We’ll push through this grief together
knowing fam’lies are forever.

About Thomas Ortega II

Editor-In-Chief of Fiction Mag

A creative sucker stuck in a corporate world. Someday creativity will pay the bills...someday.