At Times

At times, I forget that I am in love, that I've been blessed with a gift from above. At times, I don't see the world as I "should", but spend too much time wrapped up in the "could". At times, I create a world for myself, where I am … [Continue reading]

The Boys Love to Eat Out

Our boys are like me they love to eat out. Of this fact, I'm sure and there is no doubt. It doesn't matter to them where we eat for each trip for them is a special treat. They like the fact that others are around and many options for … [Continue reading]

This one hurts a lot

Most of these treatments don't cause too much pain, a blessing for which I cannot complain. This one is different; it hurts quite a lot, which is a bummer for, pain, I like not. The pain will pass soon of this I am sure. I just hope … [Continue reading]

One more go for the toe

The doctor believes this is the last time that he'll have to treat this toe wart of mine. He used "Beatlejuice" and bandaged it up. I asked if it'd hurt and he answered, "Yup." I left the office and headed on home, for with a bad … [Continue reading]

Fresh Enchilada Sauce

Out in the freezer the chiles are found, a delicious sauce they would make once ground. Before they could be, they must be roasted. The grill fires them up 'til they are toasted. After that, the skins need to be removed. I perform that … [Continue reading]

Time with the Boys is Precious

I love when I get an entire day to spend with the boys in a fun-filled way. I love to see them have fun and to smile, and have them give "loves" to me all the while. Have children is a special privilege; It's more than passing on your … [Continue reading]

I Can Do Sales

As weird as it seems, I have some sales skills without the slimey bending of peeps' wills. The key that I've found is don't try too hard, some potential sales just shouldn't move forward. Finding the right match is most of the work; The … [Continue reading]

Making Sweet Married Love

It starts with a kiss, like a newfoud love magically sent down to us from above. The kiss is the spark that ignites the heat, which our hearts push out with eachFasterBeat. Excitement drips while lips and hands … [Continue reading]

Family Scripture Reading and Journal Writing

As a family, we're trying to do something good for us that's entirely new. We're reading scriptures for a bit each night, to ensure the path we choose is the right. We also take note of each of our days to see how the Lord sends his … [Continue reading]

Scott and Jess move in

I woke up early but still I was late for the Scott and Jess morning move-in date. By the time I showed, ready to have fun, a lot of the work was already done. There was still more stuff that had to be moved, so my helping hands were … [Continue reading]