Trip to the Library

To the library, the boys and I went, where quality time with books was well spent. Both are amazed by how it all works out. They love the concept of "checking things out." That we can pick books, not pay and then leave is something that … [Continue reading]

Riding Bareback

I've ridden a horse once with a saddle, like some brave warrior riding to battle. Well, maybe not quite, it was vacation, but I did ride through lush vegetation. But riding bare back seems to be better, a saddle to me seems like a … [Continue reading]

The Family’s Together

This fourth of July will truly be great, though not cuz of the historical date. Nope, my own reason for why it's the best is cuz Scott and Jess have rejoined the rest. The fam'ly is back in one place again, which for our two boys is a … [Continue reading]

You’re Not Well

You're not feeling well and that is no good. The saddest thing is I can't help your mood. I wish I could just make your illness die. Take it all away by blinking my eye. I don't have that pow'r so I will just do more of the things … [Continue reading]

Final Fantasy Getaway

When things get hairy, (well, hairy to me) I'll take a trip to Final Fantasy. RPG games are just so much darn fun, but they take fore'er before they are done. That's why I wait and play the game in spurts, which tend to go on until my … [Continue reading]

My Eyes Are Giving Out

As sad as it is, my eyes may be done. Staring at monitors simply is no fun. After awhile, my head starts to hurt as pain emitters just begin to spurt. It's fairly recent so I'm not sure why. I hope it's a phase that will soon pass … [Continue reading]

Oreos and Milk

I have a weakness, well, perhaps a few. Oreos is what I'm referring to. I don't really like to eat the sweet things, but I love the taste that each cookie brings. Especially when you dunk them in milk, they get soggy then they're as … [Continue reading]

My Toe is Still Messed UP

Doc worked on my toe yet again today. It's not fully healed much to my dismay. It's another round of meds for the wart. In two weeks, I hope there's more to report. Until then, I must sit and be patient, with knowledge that good health … [Continue reading]

Home on the Range

A home on the range once would have been odd, but strangely these days it'd garner a nod. I don't think I could till the land myself. I'd rather have books than tools on my shelf. But there's something nice about having land and animals … [Continue reading]

I’m All Caught Up

I'm now all caught up on poems for my wife. I got distracted by dumb things in life. I had the topics written down online, but needed to write the poem line by line. Mentally, a few were fully composed. Others I rewrote because they … [Continue reading]