Taking a Nap

Today was the first day in a long time where I succumbed to the sandman's sleep chime. I do not know why, but I had no choice. I had to give in to Sleep's siren voice. It must be the heat, for the weather's hot. Plus, there's now … [Continue reading]

The Circus

It's now official: We love the circus. Well, I'm sure that's news you could prob'ly guess. Me and our two boys have a grand ole time watching animals and the clowns that mime. There are elephants and even tigers, plus human canons and … [Continue reading]

Back to the Gym

I took a week off from hitting the gym on doctor's orders and not some lame whim. He's fixing my toe, at least, trying to. He advised against putting on a shoe. Well a week went by and I said "Enough. I can go back now since my toe … [Continue reading]

Someone Knows My Show

I got a small glimpse of being a star, i.e. random folks knowing who you are. Only in my case, they did not know me, but rather the show and my company. I was at the park, just me and the boys when a couple came with their two lil … [Continue reading]

Buying Circus Tickets

We all pile in the blue Madsen van, then head to downtown as fast as we can. We are off to get tickets for the show. The circus's in town, as I'm sure you know. Afterwards, we'll eat someplace quite yummy, where Eli will say, "I have … [Continue reading]

Riding Trouble

I've ridden before down in Mexico, but that does not count for some reason, you know. It's because the horse knew just what to do. She did not care if it was me or you. One hope that I had for the ranch, of course, was that I'd … [Continue reading]

Harbor Master

There's no denying: it is addictive. With simple rules, your mind gets vindictive. Point a boat o'er here then watch it unload. Quickly send it out for another load. There are 3 cool maps; Sturgeon Creek's the best. I like it far … [Continue reading]

Temple Visit

The Mesa Temple I'd never been through except the sealing of the Madsen crew. It was about time I made the trip back, to do a session and pick up the slack. I just missed the six so read scriptures. Paying close heed to spiritual … [Continue reading]

Family Dinner Out

To Oregano's for another meal, with such low prices, it feels like a steal. You get so much food for the lil you pay, enough for a meal on another day. I tried the pizza; it was my first time. I must admit that the flavor was … [Continue reading]

A Second Monitor

I finally have broken from the mold of wanna-be nerds and the times of old. With one monitor, there's only so much screen real estate for apps, icons and such. Add a second and the space will double. No more dealing with desktop space … [Continue reading]