TJ’s Bad Cough

TJ's bad cough has returned yet again. It's a nasty cough that comes now and then. We went to the doc; she thinks it's the air. There's just too much dust floating by up there. Plus, add the dryness the heat produces. "His lungs are in … [Continue reading]

My Toe Again

My toe's still broken, although not really. It still has issues that seem quite silly. The wart still lingers taking up much space. With an appearance, that will scrunch your face. It may be ugly, but it's still my toe. Will it stay … [Continue reading]

Unboxing Old Friends

I had some old friends I'd not seen for years, friends that shared with me much joy and much tears. They took me places both far, far away and way down inside where my soul doth lay. Some were around me during quite tough times; Some … [Continue reading]

House Chores

I'm back from my trip and what do I do? Lots of household chores to prove I love you. Sure I could get you a vase of flowers or take the boys out for several hours. But really those things don't help you out much, neither do kisses or … [Continue reading]

Beautiful Takeoff

My plane's takeoff put a smile on my face. It started off with a plane to plane race. Soon we were both up and veering apart, up through cloud layers that'd magically part. Next, a big rainbow from nowhere appeared. It shared its … [Continue reading]

Ready to Come Home

This week was painful and not from the show, but after 5 days I'm ready to go. I miss your kisses and your lovely face. I miss both our boys invading my space. I remember when trav'ling was much fun, when I did not care much for … [Continue reading]

Good Tech with No Community

Apple's dev event has a lot of tech, but community is such a big wreck. With over 5K of just attendees, any social time is brought to its knees. It's painful to find a face in the crowd, and all the parties? Incredibly loud. This … [Continue reading]

Big Parties Aren’t for Me

I've come to realize big parties plain suck. They're overcrowded and make you feel stuck. I wish that I could make them worth my while, but I realize they're just not my style. I prefer smaller and more intimate, rather than let's … [Continue reading]

Lots of Free Stuff

Today, I made out with so much free stuff. I almost exclaimed, "Enough is enough!" But really, you can't ever have too much free little trinkets to play with and touch. I got a new phone that can take photos. As for t-shirts, well, I … [Continue reading]

Yummy Sodas

I drank something I've never drank before. Something once common that is found no more. In the days of old, when there were sock hops, you could find yourself in a soda shop. Here they would whip up, fresh before your eyes. soda … [Continue reading]