Archives for June 2001

Piss Po’etry

It is hard for me to make my mind move from novel writing to poetry groove. The rhymes come so slow, the rhythmn slower; Eventually, my mind will turn o’er. The poems will come much faster then, so it’s a matter of just knowing when. This poem is proof for you all to see just […]

Smooove Legs

Ev’ry now and then, when you’re legs are smoooove, I’ll rub against them just to feel “the groove”. “The groove” is not some ole indentation, but a silent form of incantation. Something about them, rubs me the right way and gets me groovin’ in that special sway. I close my eyes and open up my […]

Snug Hug

I love it when you get all nice and snug, enveloping me with a precious hug. You’d think that after all these crazy years, that a hug from me would bore you to tears. A hug from you though, let me now decree is no doubt the world’s eighth great mystery. For nothing upon this […]

Kiss of Bliss

I do not know if I have told you this, but every time you give me a kiss my spirit careens t’wards heavenly bliss. Sometimes I ensure it is obvious, sometimes I make it too easy to miss. When I am older, I will reminisce, that it didn’t get much better than this but you […]


Isn’t it strange how, like sports teams huddle, after everyday, in bed, we cuddle? With new opponents ev’ry single day, we try out new moves to keep them away. Some days, the game’s long and we come home tired. Some days, there’s no thought of being retired. Regardless of what Fate puts in our sight, […]


When I gaze at you doing this or that, I can feel my heart going pitter-pat. I feel all tingly and don’t want to leave; My skin will crawl underneath my sleeve. Even after all this time we have shared and all the events together we’ve beared, I still get nervous, love-sick butterflies, when you […]

To Drink or Not To Drink

To drink or not to is something I ask. Now believe me y’all it’s no easy task. I have to wonder why I drink and such. I know there’s the taste I like so damn much. After a while though, it’s more than the taste as I drink enough to get all shit faced. Beyond […]


This weekend I worked a bit on my book; waking up early was all that it took. See, usually, I’ll waste my morning, doing some useless sleepy sojourning. It’s hard to start up a writing session; to jump start that first spark of creation. Once your zooming though, all background chatter, no matter how loud, […]

Born of Frustation

A simple catch word or a tiny phrase, said at the wrong time sets off a big craze. I’m not laying blame, on who’s right or wrong; It’s frustrating when we don’t get along. I try my hardest not to get so mad, or say anything that will make you sad. If I don’t succeed, […]

Creative Addiction

Once you have started, there’s no turning back. Creativity is far worse than crack. You take a little, at first it seems fun. The words start to flow, your minds starts to run. Soon after starting, you feel the power; All other tasks begin to sour. Just one thing matters, only one thing reigns: Creativity […]