Archives for December 2001

A Man in a Room

Yesterday evening, the movie started and a brief passage was then imparted. The first few phrases of a new story appeared in my mind in their full glory. With no blank paper to help make it clear, I thought the story would soon disappear. After I got home and hopped into bed, it reappeared there […]

Cookie Hit

Everybody here loved the cookie treats; They thought ole Saint Nick made for yummy eats. It’s nice to be told, “Your wife is so great.” Yup, they’re all jealous that your my life mate. I know I might not help make them enough, but at the same time I suck at this stuff. You’re the […]


For quite sometime now, I’ve had this passion, to be a victim of drinking fashion. More often than not, I would be drinking, more out of habit, rather than thinking. Sometimes I will yearn so much for a beer, but will not partake to keep my head clear. And then when I drink, it’s no […]

Silent Knowledge

There are things you know but do not speak of, such as the moment that you fall in love. Inside your body, both your heart and mind, look very closely and there you will find. A voice is talking, very quietly. We all know it’s there, and listen partly. More often than not, we go […]

Mo’ Betta’ Communication

Lord knows I try hard as days come to pass to not be such a huge pain in the ass. I used to make plans, forget to tell you, and make you take part in the follow through. I used to go places without calling you, not realizing that I needed to. Those things have […]


It was not the kind that the church sponsors, but rather the kind a fireman prefers. Out in the darkness, where the cold seeps in, much like real life since they can’t sleep in. The fires were small but still just as fierce; The hoses had holes but still they could pierce. Watching them practice […]

Ten kids? No problem.

There we were last night on Adventure Mount with so many kids I could not keep count. I thought to myself, “Is this what you want?” Something inside me had started to taunt. The thing of it is despite all the noise, I really did not mind the girls and boys. To tell you the […]

Surprise Dinner Guests

Plans were in the works for our dinner meal, when lo and behold, stopped good ole Fate’s wheel. We got to the house early that morning. They showed up later without forewarning; With plans in motion, no hesitation, we adjusted things in preparation. Soon enough, there was plenty for us all and we made it […]

Too Many Tamales

Lord knows how many Tamales I made, as the number climbed my tally would fade. It was funner than I thought it would be; It was nice to spend time with the family. Eventually, there will come a time. When within our house, the work bell will chime. We as a fam’ly will make our […]