Archives for March 2009

Serving More than You Expected

I volunteered to work at the DI, since I can’t let ops like that pass me by. I had no idea what the day would bring, but knew I was there for more than one thing. I met a sweet soul in need of God’s love, to let her know that she’s loved from above. […]

Moving Day

I now understand your hate for “the move”. All this madness can disrupt your life groove. Never before did it feel quite this bad. This surely was the worst one we have had. And it’s not the move, the house or the place. It’s just the feeling of being displaced. Our next move has to […]

Church Alone

It wasn’t the first time and def’ not the last, but the choice was made and my lot was cast. I had to go to church all by myself; felt like a lone book on an empty shelf. Don’t get me wrong cuz church was still quite good, but flying solo creates a weird mood. […]

A day for service

Today, we were blessed with an opp’ to serve, which we could have passed with a simple swerve. However, we both stepped up to the task; They knew we would, so they didn’t have to ask. I have a passion to serve all I can, to offer my time to my follow man. I know […]

I Love You

I love you. That’s it, nothing more.

The Boys are Happy

Despite all the stress filling me and you; Despite all the days that we both feel blue; There’s one thing for sure we cannot deny: each boy has a spark twinkling in their eye. The boys don’t know or care about money. A single penny makes their day sunny. The boys don’t care which house […]

Life is Odd

February was to be a new start, nearer to people who’re close to the heart. Arizona is the new found Zion. It’s the one place that we had our eye one. I knew that the move would be a struggle, but didn’t think there’d be this much to juggle. What was supposed to be a […]

Working in the Sun

Today was so nice, weather was perfect. Sky was clear and blue, no cloudy defect. I sat outside while the kids rode their bikes, zooming up and down on their little trikes. I worked on my Air, getting a lot done, while I enjoyed my time in the warm sun. It highs like today that […]

Phoenix Suns Game

We earned free tickets to the Phoenix Suns. The amount of fun we all had was tons. I love going to sporting events live. The buzz in the air, TVs can’t contrive. Cheering on with ten thousand other fans, erupting screams like shaken soda cans. It feels good at times to simply let go, forget […]

Sunday Relaxin

Sunday is the day to sit and relax, to catch up on sleep and snooze to the max. Big fam’ly dinners are made for this day, since they meander slowly anyway. Other than church plans, there ain’t much to do ‘cept catching up on things you like to do. Work is made for the remaining […]